Sevilla vs Dnipro 05.27.2015 European league final

Football Internatioanl watchers around the world, your time with fun and excitement with thrill and techniques by high with-final of the league championship EU, which starts on Wednesday 27 May 2015 current, which is held between Sevilla and team Dnipro and remind yourselves that Sevilla have ascended to the finals after beating He won the team Fiorentina’s lead to two goals for nothing either team Dnipro has qualified for the finals after win over Napoli aim for nothing, and now Seville has begun preparations to face Dnipro Ukrainian final of Champions League which carries her title and set next Wednesday as a venue for the match in Warsaw, and after victory yesterday dressed to Malacca by three goals to two recent round of La Liga Spanish team and assesses the team training camp in the city of Marbella in southern Spain where it fought morning ball practice facilities Marbella center football near the residence hotel, under coach Unai Emery, who give players rest this evening, According to a statement the club is scheduled to undergo the Andalusian club on Monday morning training session to session on returning to Seville after lunch to go in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday to the Polish capital Warsaw.


The meeting card
The two contenders: Sevilla and Dnipro
Suitable match Sevilla and Dnipro: final league match of the European
Date of the match Sevilla and Dnipro: Wednesday, May 27, 2015
The date and timing of the match Sevilla and Dnipro: Being Camacho at exactly eight forty-five 20:45 pm GMT Cairo – In nine forty-five 21:45 pm GMT – At seven o’clock, but 18:45 pm GMT quarter – at the eleventh hour, but quarter 22:45 pm GMT Emirates
Ducts match Fiorentina and Palermo: BNP channel Sport hd1


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